Saturday, May 7, 2011

a WICKED arrival!

After a whopping 24 hours on the road (sleep deprived and exhausted from worry about the dogs), Tam and I were relieved when we saw the sign to Greater Androscoggin - and you can imagine our delight when we saw balloons as we pulled into the parking lot! And ... it only got better!

As we pulled closer to the building we saw coffee, donuts, supplies and just when we didn't think it could get any better, dozens of volunteers and staff began pouring out of the building welcoming with open arms! Despite looking like a train wreck, Zachary Black greeted us with hugs!

The volunteers immediately began unloaded the dogs from the vans and getting the 4 of us some much needed coffee! Per Tam's earlier request, we got a special delivery of Starbuck's coffee! Wow!

We truly got a second wind after leaving the shelter (which is an incredible facility) and were so happy to have met such kind folks - we felt as if we had just visited with old friends. Thank you GAHS! You guys ROCK! I'll post some photos from the transfer with more photos to come tomorrow ...

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