Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homeward Bound

Tamela and I stopped for the night in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We arrived at the hotel around 1 am local time and immediately crashed! We woke up and were out the door by 6 am. We now have starbucks in hand (which - by the way - our friends at GAHS gave us an entire JUG of Starbucks yesterday that was incredible!!) and are on our way home. Our eta is 3:07 pm.

Here is the link to the coverage we received from the local media in Lewiston, Maine:

We forgot to mention yesterday that our friends at GAHS recommended The Portland Lobster Company for lunch, which was amazing! We were quite the site to see parking our van and then sitting in silence eating our lunch! It was delicious! Plus, we had some amazing cookies, again given to us from our friends at GAHS, to enjoy for desert!

No matter how many times I've made this trip, there is always a feeling of pride the last leg of the ride home. Despite the sound of empty kennels in the back, I know the enormous impact that we've been able to make in just 3 days. It is not simply 81 saved lives, its also the lives that will be impacted by those sweet babies and the ripple effect that has on generations to come. We are so proud to have been a part of this experience. Each trip holds a different adventure and I'm so happy that I've been part of this one and that I got to share it with Tamela, one of our Board Members.

9 hours left! :)

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  1. congrats to you and Tamela and the other 4 drivers for a rescue job beautifully done! what a gift you have given those pups and the people who adopt them. they wouldn not have come together if not for y'all.
    Thank you!
    you looked fabulous on tv Jennifer! I loved that the shelter had balloons and coffee for y'all- cheers to them!
    always know I'm here if you need sleep/shower/rest....