Friday, May 6, 2011

West Virginia, we shall defeat you!

We have crossed into West Virginia under the guidance of Ms. Tam. We just made our second stop and loaded up on some coffee. We plan to make another stop in 4 hours to change drivers again. I got us through all of Virginia today and let me say, I do not love Virginia and how long it takes us to get through that state!!! But, it does provide some beautiful scenery!

The pups, for the most part, are settled back down and are sleeping again.

The Wright couple in the other van are keeping up. When I was driving, I may have *lost* them a few times while excited about making good time. We have made every stop together and let me say, I am impressed with their ability to keep up and make such few stops - and for being in such a good mood despite our, um, heavy foot.

Hopefully, this blog will keep us going through the night and keep us laughing. I was on the phone with staff member, Meghan Wayman, earlier and Tam thought I was talking to her - which set us into a fight of giggles. :)

I fear how slap happy we will be by the time we reach Maine ... watch out Zachary Black!!!

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