Saturday, May 7, 2011

Overdue Posts

Due to sleep deprivation there has been a lapse in our posts. Sorry! IF we had blogged, I am certain it would have been quite a disaster! Tam and I are beyond exhausted but are so proud of our good deed in getting these sweet babies one paw closer to their furever home.

As pictured, we not fueled up the vans last night, but kept ourselves going with lots and lots of coffee! Tam and I caravanned with the Wrights - we made every stop together and had someone making sure nothing went wrong!

Our biggest laugh yesterday afternoon was driving though Virginia when we spotted Erin and Justin Sexton - who had sped past us in Tennessee (we were convinced we wouldn't see them again on the road). We honked and waived as we passed one another! Justin and Erin went to Nashua, New Hampshire rather than Maine ... they arrived in Nashua while we were 3 hours shy of arriving in Maine!

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