Friday, May 6, 2011

One LOUD Farewell!

We have crossed the state line into Tennessee. The pups with a window view yapped a farewell chorus to the state and they are looking forward (literally) to each mile to their new forever homes.

The pups headed to Maine are:

Jeffrey, Buddy, Van, Barkley, Trooper, Lemon, Yahoo, Lolly Pop, Bubba, Blacky, Holly, Hotty, Buddy, DJ, Marley, Lightening Bug, Yaya, Harley, Dillard, Calvin, Yoda, Sandy, Mario, Rainbow, Roz, Baby Cakes, Streizel, Boone, Biana, Bandit, Honda, Midnight, Bella, Zoey, Hinkley, Hollywood, Pepsi, Grace, Crisppy, Landon, London, Ms. Priss, Lt. Mike, Dorothy, Ann Dee, Montel, Orchid, Spot, Ellie, Mokey, Red, Justine, Ruby Sue, Oy, Jed, Gomez, Minjai, Kate, Mary Lou, Bella, Peck, Blaine, Thor, Lebowski, Denver

81 dogs. 81 lives saved. 81 wagging tails. 81 wet noses. 6 drivers. Anticipated wet eyes tomorrow morning? at least 12.

Miles: 2,690 x 3 = 8,070

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